Friday, August 12, 2011

My Plan of Attack

I will create posts that follow the content areas in the ASWB "Content Outlines & KSAs" booklet.  You can find that here:  The section on human development, diversity and behavior in the environment encompasses 31% of exam content, so that is where I'll start.

I've begun to gather information from various sources, so I won't be posting references for each individual post.  However, there are a few places I will suggest you check out if you're looking for more information.  Joseph Walsh's "Theories for Direct Social Work Practice" was the text in my clinical practice class & remains an excellent reference for an overview on the most common practice theories & models.  You can also check out the Social Work Podcast at & if you're a super social work nerd, or just trying hard to multitask, you can listen on your commute.  The blog where I found my inspiration can be found at and the blogger there posted a lot of useful summaries about various theories & methods, DSM diagnosis & work with specific populations.

As I think of or locate other resources, I will post them as well.  If you read a post & know of a resource to locate additional information, please don't hesitate to share!  I'm also always up for a healthy debate, so if you don't agree with the information I'm posting, please feel free to state your dissent in the comments.  In the mean time, look forward to my first post coming shortly about theories of development.

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